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October 13, 2017


We are proud to introduce to you our brand new blog! I feel the need to introduce what we do a bit more detailed.

Above all this project is a loving one. I can't stress that enough. Since I was a child I loved photography and traveling. I can still remember the first photo I took. My mother let me use our heavy Minolta, obviously a film camera. We were on family vacation in Corfu and we were at the Achilles statue in Achillion. When developed, the photo was crooked and blurry, but I loved it. I still have it.

Traveling is my other passion. Endlessly and to anywhere. By train, by plain, by tuk-tuk or an inflatable boat. I went far and came back again. I even managed to  live abroad for several years. We do have Ulysees syndrome us Greeks you know. We need to come back. And whine because Penelope wasn't that faithful and and then leave again. But we need to come back.

I always had this feeling that Athens will be my paradise. I am not originated from Athens but a small city up north. I had never lived in Athens. And yet when I finally moved here I called it my "hometown" immediately. Everything fell into place.


Athens is a tourist city. If you are here you must have noticed all the symptoms. The small tavernas that serve bad food, the souvenir shops that seem to have escaped from the '80s, the never-ending cues to go up the Acropolis. True in every city, that's not how locals live. That's not what locals do. I felt bad that the true experience of this amazing city was being kept by the travelers. Undeniably, Parthenon is an incredible experience and you should visit at least once the Archaelogical Museum. Most Athenians should do that as well. But it's not just that.

Being a long term tourist in this city I wanted to create something for her- yes, cities as ships should be female because #feminism. And so it began. I found all the old souvenirs I had. I called all my friends abroad to hunt down what their favorite souvenirs were. And then I got to realize that my true childhood passions were about to get married. Postcards from Greece were born.

 It took me two years to finalize everything but my heart was right. This city is a destination, not just for its archaelogical interest but mainly because the people who enhabit it are as unique as the place itself. An ode to Athens cannot exclude the Athenians. Neither the travelers who visit it. I will say it again and again. once you have visited a place, you are part of its history. Period.

So we created souvenirs that capture that notion of traveling. The experiences that you have in this city can now be packed in a souvenir.

So, this blog will help you discover these new spots or expositions or places to eat. Our team and special guests will provide info, stories and tips on how to navigate this vibrant city of ours.

Stay tuned and book a flight.

- Smaragda

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